Time Crystal




released April 25, 2017

All songs were written and recorded by Univore
Univore is Nicholas Flandro and David Bachmann

David Bachmann - guitar and vocals
Nicholas Flandro - synthesizers, drum sequencing, acoustic drums, vibraphone and vocals
Bryan Doherty - bass
Liam Cloyd - auxiliary guitar and synthesizers (Icarus)

produced by Nicholas Flandro
mastered by Anthony Gravino



all rights reserved


UNIVORE Chicago, Illinois

UNIVORE is Nicholas Flandro and David Bachmann, a media production duo focused on original music, video, and the written word operating out of Chicago’s west side. UNIVORE has been described as “walking the thin line between sincerity and absurdity so effortlessly that they appear to be floating over a line that was never there.” ... more

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Track Name: Barrel Fire
Barrel fire, keeping my hands warm
And I don't have
A want in this world

Barrel fire, keeping my boots warm
Or at least they would be
If I'd any boots to put on

Barrel fire, burning the house down
This wasn't the way
This was supposed to go

Barrel fire, bringing the sirens now
Looks like it's time
For a new place to call home
Track Name: I've Been Trying to Run Into You
Where have you been hiding out?
In that hollow house?
With those hollow hours
I can help you out.

You've been nowhere to be found
Not at Marmalade's
Or the sandy beach
Or the produce aisle.

We got scared you exited
With no goodbye.
Or fare thee well.
Just like a butterfly.

I've been trying to run into you.
Just by accident.
Lonely accidents.
Are the best defense.
Track Name: Heavy Persuasion
I was born before
And you believe in angels.
It's not that crazy to us
It's better for us
To believe and to trust

I believe in rain
And you believe in nothing.
And they believe in a God
Who opens the gates
The gates to heaven.

It took some Heavy Persuasion
It took some Heavy Persuasion

You believe in lust.
You worship the body.
You think that people are here
To service your flesh
Your flesh is the best.
You love the sun.
You worship nature.
They used to tear us apart
And offer our hearts to the hungry Gods.

It took some Heavy Persuasion
It took some Heavy Persuasion
Track Name: Sex Appeal
It's not the thing that you thought
I was here from the start
I missed lunch and I don't miss a meal

The moon the stars the sky the sun the moon

I lost my mind for a minute
I should have been ticketed
I checked my phone
Nobody home the next episode
I didn't see the time
It slipped my mind
I forgot about your whole ordeal
Let's get real

The moon the stars the sky the sun the moon

Lets get back to our story
There is no need to worry
'bout yourself
'bout me
'bout us
'bout the future and you and me

I'm talking about your sex appeal
You've always been real
You've had it coming to you
I will buy you a meal
And that's real
I'll buy you cheeseburger
99 cents from my back pocket

Don't think I'd lie
Never lie to you baby
I'm always real
And that's just honest
You've got your sex appeal
And that's just honest

Uh a guitar

It's time to talk a little longer
Just me and you
Let's sit at the booth
And get some waters
And get some waters
Track Name: Icarus
You can lose it all if you fly too close to the sun
If you don't fly close than you might be missing the fun
Track Name: Trough to Crest
Everybody's going to the fire tonight
Blood moon's pumping orange into the night
It's gonna bathe the sand in light
And make everybody really feel alright
The waves are singing
Hysteria song
How can that be wrong?
Trough to crest will take us home